The Franchise That Will Never Die: Star Trek

Since time and memorial, we know Star Trek. It has been in the television and movies since the time maybe you were not born yet. But it was long played on TV since the time kids were eating pop tarts and Fondue. It seems that over the decade, this franchise could not seem to die. What made it so immortal that it had reached until the age we have right now? Let’s find out more.

It’s all about the voyage in space

Star Trek is about a spaceship voyager called the Starship USS Enterprise created by the United Federation of Planets in the 23rd century. Well, of course, this is just science fiction. But the idea to explore the entire space, searching for a possible habitat to build a new civilization and to reach where no man has never reached before is quite interesting. But also, it connotes the fact that since space is so vast, the entire exploration is seemed to be unending.

It was about seeking the new world and writers, and producers can always think of something fresh to continue the story, and it did. From 1966 where it was first launched up to the present, the USS Enterprise is still voyaging from television series to film series and even animated series. We can also find it in books, magazines, comics, and games. It does not only voyage on different parts of the outer space but on every decade.

The Star Trek Enterprise is a colossal Franchise

One of the biggest reasons why it became the undying franchise it’s because of its undying worth. It’s now a multi-billion dollar industry. The owner of this industry is ViacomCBS. That is why this undying sci-fi TV show and movie are still up for more exploration challenges. Its new streaming series, the Discovery and the Piccard, is still running up to the present.

The reception of people

People love mythological sci-fi shows. According to one of the famous captains of the enterprise William Shatner, the elements and the components of the show gave people a more inquisitive mind. People are always looking for answers, and the science fiction element of the show provides people an explanation of what is said to be the unknown. Just like any other religion he says. He added that it’s quite a hopeful vision as the show or movie provides people with the possibility of finding a new life in space.