Which Are More Popular, Romantic Comedies Or Romance Movies?

Two of the most popular movie genres are romance and comedy. One cannot be part of the other, but this was in the past. Nowadays, there are movies created as romantic comedies. One can enjoy two movie genres in one. One can laugh his heart out while falling in love. There is always a good combination of the two.

Romance movies are for those who are in love or who are broken hearted. They love watching a good movie, maybe because they can relate with it or they experience the exact opposite.

Comedy is also a popular choice. People love a good laugh. They want something funny to keep them away from the stresses of life. They believe that laughter is the best medicine.

However, movie producers have seen the popularity of the two and went ahead and created romantic comedies. This movie genre was popularized in the early 1950’s. In the early 1990’s, this genre became more popular because of the following movies:

1) Pretty Woman – 1990

2) The Cutting Edge – 1992

3) Sleepless in Seattle – 1993

4) Clueless – 1994

5) The Truth About Cats and Dogs – 1996

6) My Bestfriend’s Wedding – 1997

7) The Wedding Singer – 1998

8) Notting Hill – 1999

9) America’s Sweetheart – 2001

10) Shallow Hal – 2001

These are just ten of the many romantic comedy movies. Of course, there are also quite a number of comedy movies that you can find.

One can never question the popularity of both romantic comedy and romance movies. People always want a good laugh, but they also love to be in love. So, if the question about the two movie genre’s popularity, well the answer may be both. The two movie genres are popular choices among people.

If you wish to know which one is more popular, you can always watch movies from the two genres and see for yourself which is more popular.

The popularity of a movie may vary from one person to the other. It will greatly depend upon the taste of each person. It’s a good thing that there is variation and these variations can feed every need of every person.

There is no need to choose, but to choose to watch both. Not only will it allow one to choose, but it will allow one to be entertained, to fall in love and to have a good laugh all at the same time. Choose to experience the two.