Eastington Entertainment Inc. (EEI) was established by Sheena Eastington in 2018 as an entertainment company that also operates as a movie blog/website.

Seena Eastington is a middle school English Grammar and Literature teacher in Boston who is also a regular member of the Boston press pool of film critics. Eastington loves to write movie reviews and make reliable recommendations, she will point out any hint of inconsistency or “lazy writing”, found within every film. The primary goal of EEI’s website has been to offer in-depth, professional quality film reviews with the hook of education in mind for as many current mainstream and independent releases as possible each year.

Outside of reviews, she also presents her own voice and unique take on movie trends, film commentary, and more through website and social media features, columns, and editorials ranging from film discussions, awards talk, “best of” lists, and seasonal previews. She now happily resides in West Newberry, Massachusetts with her awesome husband Brian and their two lovely daughters, Anjanette and Angeline.